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Double Standard?

Double Standard?

It may be me (and it frequently is) but I think there’s a bit of a double standard in the passionate world of Australian sport. With the current furore surrounding drugs and betting it has once again mysteriously seeped to the surface of our consciousness and overwhelmed our rational thought. And here it is. The Pakistani cricket team are a bunch of cheating charlatans who should, with old fashioned punishment such as being hung drawn and quartered or ritually stoned out of the picture be forbidden from standing around on a swatch of green ever again. No trial, no investigation, the editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Under similar circumstance but with the transgressors flying the Australian flag our mood changes. They were having a laugh, it was only a weather report or by crikey we take our sport too seriously. Never! Not in my sport the emus excuse ad infinitum. Something similar happens when performance-enhancing drugs are mentioned. If it is one of our own who has mistakenly tested positive and taken to task by those nasty ASADA people then it is uniformly a mistake and we are content with a lame excuse and a slap on the wrist. You know the sort of thing – the doc prescribed the wrong headache pill, the cough medicine had a miniscule amount of a banned ingredient or mum said I look fat on tv and gave me a diuretic! All perfectly feasible and dare I say believable if you are fair dinkum and know that stubbies can be worn or drunk. But if such unlikely reasoning were trotted out by a Chinese swimmer with a meteoric rise or a heavily muscled and cranky shot putter from Kazakstahn we would be swift, precise and condemning in our demolition of their outlandish explanations. Tell them they’re dreaming! We’d jab the pointing finger in their chest, question their parentage and call for a lifetime ban! I am not inferring racism but when the green and gold mist descends it seems it is our judgment that becomes cloudy.

This post first appeared as Monday’s Expert in the Northern Star on September 6th.

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