Sport Business Resources has a range of formal partnerships with like minded, bespoke sport business organisations around the world. Such partnerships are only finalised following rigorous due diligence, on going research and alignment with core values and are undertaken to complement and add value to products and services already offered by SBR.  In doing this you can be assured that with any SBR project you are getting the most up to date and relevant information and added value for money.


Final Third Sports Media FINAL THIRD
Final Third Sports Media is a fast growing, UK based consultancy with decades of combined experience in the global sports media industry. The organisation consists of a knowledgeable team of qualified journalists who understand sport at every level and possess a large contact network. Owned by Chris Rivett, himself an acclaimed sport business professional, Final Third specialise in delivering engagement through captivating content and prolific PR.


Co owned by Paul Muller, IPM is Australia’s first government accredited training organisation to connect project management education, research, consultancy and graduate opportunities in a single, specialist enterprise. Their services include: training needs analysis; short courses; mentoring; and project & policy research and consultancy.


Sport Research Group

Owned and operated by Simon Arkwright, the Sport Research Group is based in New Zealand but operates across Australasia. providing tailored research services to some of New Zealand’s biggest companies the organisation also operates the southern hemisphere’s best sport marketing conference – the Sportsfan Summit in Australia.


The Fan Experience Company

The Fan Experience Company is owned and operated by Mark Bradley in Northern England. The organisation creates value and growth in sports, entertainment and other non-traditional customer environments through innovative programs including: fan feedback on match/game day experiences; effective fan consultation and engagement programmes; events, briefings and training sessions as well as unique value and growth measurement tools.


Dr Jo Mackellar’s company provides event research services to assist event planners to better understand their audiences and communities. Research has included Tourism Profile Studies, Economic Impact Studies and Social Impact Studies at over 50 events in NSW and Queensland.


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