Insight and Learning

Throughout my University career I was frustrated at being unable to be reactive to the constantly changing sport business environment. Where one day information was valid and useable, by the next day the sporting landscape had changed. Think Tiger Woods and his dramatic and almost instantaneous fall from grace or think about the swift rise of social media in sport as examples. Unfortunately the system was unable to respond quickly to such matters – it was difficult to change materials printed months in advance and even harder to change course content without negotiating numerous bureaucratic hurdles!

I was also keen to synthesise my educational career with the sport business consulting and entrepreneurial activities I had continued to pursue. Hence the term ‘pracademic’. As a result I have become a globally recognised leader and innovator in the sport business field, unique in that I possess a potent blend of practical and academic knowledge that many of my peers do not.

“Our modus operandi is based on experience and knowledge and is responsive to the ever-changing sport business environment”

website_headerThe Insight and Learning aspect of Sport Business Resources operations brings everything together and is comprised of specialised sport business education courses and high level individual and group coaching and mentoring services. These are premium services designed to give every participant a high level, immersive education and learning experience.  

Insight and Learning is integral to our business and uniquely utilises the vTeam management system for engagement and ongoing contact. vTeam is an innovative online program that provides a safe and confidential space that can be accessed only through individual invitation.

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Over a period of years we have developed a diverse range of online, experiential and relevant courses of varying duration specifically designed to address crucial aspects of the business of sport.  Sport is our passion, we do not dabble in other disciplines except where they interact with sport business and as a result we believe we provide a viable alternative to other providers. Simply:

  • We do not offer courses where we have no experience. You will not see courses in our stable on topics where we have no knowledge and no experience;
  • Courses are practically focused. Sure there are theoretical components and concepts however these are always presented in a practical manner and complemented with real life examples;
  • Courses are designed with the ‘end user’ in mind – be it the learning environment, the ease of access to materials, the actual content and especially the engagement between facilitator and participant… everything is focused on YOU and your learning objectives.

If you want to enhance or learn practical skills in the business of sport, Sport Business Resources has an online course for you.

Based on our experience of life and sport Sport Business Resources also offers high level individual and group coaching and mentoring services. This is something we have done informally for many years however in placing it in the vTeam environment and formalising the processes and systems learned through experience and education we can now offer a premium service to selected participants.  Potential mentees will be screened via an online survey as well as through research into mediums such as LinkedIn and Twitter and where applicable, invited to participate.

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