Sport Business Resources has undertaken many and diverse projects over the last two decades.  Initially work was confined to sponsorship procurement and some sport program evaluation and review. More latterly and with further particle and theoreticalimage007 experience this has evolved to include more complex projects in areas such as comprehensive organisational review, ongoing strategic planning as well as change management and organisational structural change. Integral to these projects has been a reliance on the diverse research skills of SBR with nearly every task requiring some aspect of this including stakeholder consultation, online and face to face surveying, public consultation in small and larger groups and online desk research. This has incorporated projects for major international brands, national sporting organisations as well as an increasing number of local government authorities to provide a range of services including feasibility studies, sport tourism strategies, facility planning and operation plans as well as a myriad of reviews and evaluations. The following represent a small cross section of SBR’s current project portfolio:


Gold Coast Titans

Sport Business Resources was commissioned by the Board of the National Rugby League club the Gold Coast Titans to conducted a comprehensive, ‘no holds barred’ review of all stakeholders across the football and administrative aspects of the business. SBR was retained to implement further change including an aligned strategic plan as well as further structural and organisational planning.



Sport Business Resources was recently commissioned by Coffs Harbour City Council to investigate the feasibility of a Centre of Excellence for the region. The project involves widespread stakeholder consultation and as proposed, would represent a significant addition to an existing portfolio of sporting facilities that enables the City to rightly claim the title of the sporting capital of regional New South Wales.




As an acknowledged specialist in the provision of sport business education, Sport Business Resources was contracted to conceive, formulate and deliver SportAccord’s inaugural Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) – the Certified Sports Professional. The course, built from scratch and integrated into SportAccord’s brand new learning management system is divided into six key topics and delivered entirely online.


Institute of PM Logo (ai - black under text)INSTITUTE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT
Tasmanian based project management education and research provider the Institute of Project Management have commissioned Sport Business Resources to undertake research, change management education and business analysis. SBR also play a key role into investigations of the Value of Volunteering in Tasmania and Western Australia.


Gosford City Council recently commissioned Sport Business Resources to scope and envision comprehensive business, wi-fi and fan engagement strategies for the region’s premier sporting facility – a 20 000 seater stadium located in the heart of the city. SBR had to take into account the Gosford’s overarching desire to become a Smart City and commensurate plans to utilise the NBN and a future gigabyte connection.


We have  undertaken a diverse range of discrete projects for the iconic National Rugby League over a number of years. This has included innovative market research into the Rugby League Fan that lead directly to the ‘That’s my Team’ campaign as well as comprehensive reviews into the structure of refereeing at both the grass roots and elite refereeing levels recommendations from which became the catalyst for the dual referee system currently in operation.



As an expert in the field of sport business education, Sport Business Resources was commissioned to investigate future strategic options in education for this ground breaking organisation. UCFB, through their innovative developments at Turf Moor, Burnley and the iconic Wembley Stadium are regarded as disruptors in their specialist field – taking under utilised stadia and turning them into thriving tertiary sport business education spaces.

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