Our Key Associates

Our Key Associates

Whilst Dave leads and has ultimate responsibility for all projects, he also calls on a range of similarly skilled people who share his passion for the business of sport. All associates are contracted to DSA and are skill matched to each assignment on a case-by-case basis.

Who we are

Selena J. Shirley

Selena leads DSA’s financial services operation. With a long history of working with small business in the sport and leisure sector, Selena, a qualified CPA is currently working with a number of clients managing cash flow, providing financial direction and using her practical skills to improve business performance.  In addition, Selena supplies auditing services for major regional sport businesses.

Greg Downes

Greg has been a key part of a number of projects within the organisation including the most recent NRL research and the business case prepared for Academies of Sport Incorporated. With a Masters degree in International Sport Management (MISM) and many years experience in sport administration and working with communities, Greg’s specialisations are strategy, event management and sport finance. He is currently working preparing Plans of Management for community and crown land, feasibility plans, development plans and the implementing derived strategies. He is also undertaking a PhD with Victoria University.

Dr Jo Mackellar
Dr Jo Mackellar is the founding manager of Destination Research & Development.  Her company provides event research services to assist event planners to better understand their audiences and communities. Research has included Tourism Profile Studies, Economic Impact Studies and Social Impact Studies at over 50 events in NSW and Queensland. Jo and Dave work closely on a range of projects related to event impact, economic contribution and evaluation.

Peter Annis Brown

Peter is the owner of ManageSport which partners with SBR to provide manageable, sustainable and practical solutions for sport businesses. He holds a Masters in International Sports Management (MISM) and is a Certificate IV qualified Master Personal Trainer.   Peter has worked for many years in senior management roles in sport where he was the CEO of the Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS) and uses this, together with his own experiences in sport as an athlete and coach to balance the many demands that life has on us.


  • We have a close working relationship with SBR and have worked together on a number of projects. Dave knows the business of sport but more importantly has the practical skills and experience to put theory into practice. I love his work!

    Adam Leach, Managing Director, Leisure Brothers Management Group
  • Sport Business Resources developed our sponsorship policy framework and saved us time and precious resources, both human and financial. Dave’s practical approach made us realise that a well researched strategy including objective setting and a simple leveraging plan was the only way to go to make the medium work for our organisation.

    Senior Sponsorship Executive, Melbourne
  • SBR formulated a comprehensive branding strategy, allied to a combined public relations and crisis management plan that is still used by PRL today. That Dave was invited to become Media Director on consecutive international tours is testament to the value we place on DSA’s service.

    Robert Tuckey, Chair, Pacific Rugby Ltd and former Chairman, Australian Rugby Union
  • Sport Business Resources were contracted to provide a sound business case to secure ongoing funding for our member organisations. With a tight time frame and an expansive brief they delivered on time and on budget an innovative and well researched case that secured our grant funding for three to four years.

    Executive Director, Regional Academy of Sport, New South Wales


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