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Creative and innovative practitioners in leveraging, activation and the strategic utilisation of sponsorship in sport.


Experienced at the conception, management and evaluation of events from International rugby to music festivals and fun runs.


Effective and efficient qualitative and quantitative research solutions individually tailored to client requirements.


A proven track record in conceiving and designing market facing, pedagogically-sound courses in the business of sport.


Strategic planning in organisational structure, sport tourism, volunteer management, sport education and marketing globally.


Proven frameworks for organisational, performance and governance reviews, restructures, financial analysis and modelling.

What our clients say

Thanks Dave for giving us this amazing opportunity to keep learning in the field of sport management and share experiences and different point of views from people around the world

Sport Accord Academy

( Beatriz Espínola, Spain )

I love his humour and his passion for sport, his approach is awesome - not one sport was used as an example and we all felt part of the course without feeling bullied by other popular sports. Doctor Dave was amazing and a great teacher for all!


( Sport Accord Participant )

Great sense of humour, great experience and a very good communicator. He creates rapport with the whole group and is a very humble and open minded lecturer.


( Sport Accord Participant )

Dave delivered one of the most interesting and thought provoking courses I have ever attended. It was a two day course on sponsorship and every participant left with a deep knowledge of the medium, wide ranging skills to chase the corporate sponsorship dollar and a smile on their face

Graham Danes

( Sponsorship Training Participant, Queensland )

SBR formulated a comprehensive branding strategy, allied to a combined public relations and crisis management plan that is still used by PRL today. That Dave was invited to become Media Director on consecutive international tours is testament to the value we place on SBR’s service

Robert Tuckey

( Chair, Pacific Rugby Ltd and former Chairman, Australian Rugby Union )

We used SBR to research and formulate a comprehensive marketing plan for our sports apparel business. The final document was succinct, well researched and delivered on time and on budget. The plan has enabled us to increase revenue in line with the strategy and most importantly to increase our overall profit

Glen Lewis

( Managing Director Coachcap )

We have a close working relationship with SBR and have worked together on a number of projects. Dave knows the business of sport but more importantly has the practical skills and experience to put theory into practice. I love his work!

Adam Leach

( Managing Director, Leisure Brothers Management Group )

Sport Business Resources were contracted to provide a sound business case to secure ongoing funding for our member organisations. With a tight time frame and an expansive brief they delivered on time and on budget an innovative and well researched case that secured our grant funding for three to four years

Executive Director

( Regional Academy of Sport, New South Wales )

If sound and effective research outcomes are what you want, I believe SBR is the organisation for you. Dave and his team have a down to earth approach to their work that combines extensive sport business knowledge with a practical appreciation of the medium. I would unreservedly recommend them

Michael Johnson

( Gaming Executive, Melbourne )


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